Lannoo-Marten Championship events
The third equestrian jumping on the barriers by Lannoo-Martens (Horse Fodders, Belgium) Championship events took place on the field of Arabian Horse Club. The event was held on the occasion of the Jordanian Independence Day , supported by Donia El-Arab Company for Trade, fodder and livestock agents in the Middle East. The results of the technical general rankings are as follows: The category of 130-135 cm First: Nasouh Kayali (Jordan) Kolana on the horse and collect 35 points. II: Waleed Al-Rashid (Iraq) to Acapulco horse and collect 32 points. Third: Nasouh Kayali (Jordan) Kiamon on the horse and collect 30 points. Fourth: Sarah Armouty (Jordan) to the horse Kobe and collected 30 points. V: Hamza Khawwam (Iraq) Znita on the horse and collect 24 points. Aav: Hala AlDahi (Iraq) on the horse Aquaradwojmat 24 points.

By Aimstyle