About Al-Jawad Club

In 1982, Captain Hani Bisharat and his brother Ibrahim Bisharat decided to take their passion for horses and horseback riding into another level, as horse racing and horseback riding has been in the family for generations, they came to decision to offer Jordanian and international horse riders and lovers to train professionally at the Arabian Horse Club.

 The Bisharat family is well-known for being the leading pioneers in the horse sport in Jordan, also, The Arabian Horse club is the first horse club in Jordan, as well as being the only certified horse riding school by the Ministry of Youth. The Bisharats have collected and won hundreds of well-deserved trophies and medals in the Arab League and international competitions.  The Arabian horse club family consists of approximately 40 employees and more than 500 riders and horse owners.

 The Arabian horse club hosts 13 local competitions throughout the year as well as the international shows and competitions and the Arab League which qualifies 3 riders to the world cup which also takes place at the club. 


Our Facilities

The Arabian horse club is located in one the most beautiful and relaxing atmospheres in Amman. The venue is surrounded by many entertainment sites that suits all ages and interests, also it offers many facilities inside the club;

  •  Restaurant
  •  Outdoor Arena
  •  Indoor Arena
  •  Club house
  •  Changing rooms
  •  In house vet
  •  Farrier
  •  Paddock
  •  Walkers
  •  More than 150 Stables

Every Friday, the outdoor area is assembled for kids, which includes pony rides, a jumping castle and face painting to make sure that you and your family are enjoying your weekend!

Our Vision

Our vision at the Arabian Horse Club is all about providing exceptional equine programs to facilitate growth and advancement and a healthy lifestyle for individuals and their communities. We aim to encourage riders of all ages to dig deeper into their passion and develop the skills and techniques they require to become professional equestrian champions. We trust that everyone should have a place to discover their potential and go farther in life with their passions, and with our help and guidance and facilities we aspire to facilitate all that for each individual. The Arabian horse club team believes that there are no limits, and everybody who becomes part of our club joins our family forever.

Our Mission

The Arabian Horse Club aims to implement an extensive training, completive, and therapeutic equine program utilizing horses to promote and encourage growth, development, and learning for all the horse riders and enthusiasts in Jordan and from any part of the world. We work hard every day to be a stimulating and prestigious club with equine activities at our core.

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